"Passé Composé" at Archik

18th october - 20th novembre 2021
Exposition Murs Blancs - Sophie Klerk & Jérémy Niquet 1

Sophie Klerk & Jérémy Niquet – Sud Waste



Sophie Klerk’s collages are combined with the creations made from recycled wood by Jérémy Niquet. This artist and this craftsman compose, each in their own way, works made from materials that have already told a story.

Sophie Klerk plays with colors, textures, and shapes. The artist constructs stories from papers, anonymous images and found materials, and a touch of paint.

Jérémy Niquet questions contemporary design through craftsmanship by associating geometric shapes with organic elements. Thus are born candlesticks, vases and trays from pieces of old furniture and found objects.

This exhibition invites you to change your perspective, to discover new ways of reactivating know-how, to see the birth of singular works built from small nothing from our past.

Perfect tense…


The artworks and pieces below are visible in the House of our partner ARCHIK at 14 rue de Montmorency 75003 Paris. Do not hesitate to come and see the details of the paintings, and come and feel the recycled wood under your fingers.

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