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Marie – la mariée – 70x49cm

Isn’t it a nice feeling to have things under control, like knowing exactly how to do a specific task or being able to give the right information when your boss asks for it ? Unless we feel a vital need to change the outlook of our day-to-day life, we often look for confort, control and efficiency in what we do.

Almost all the artists I meet are constantly trying to step out of their confort zone. They systematically reconsider their work, trying to reach imbalance in order to renew their artistic proposals.

Marie is the perfect exemple. She used to exclusively paint on canvas but one day got intrigued by zinc pieces that where left outside of her building. The roof was under renovation. She got upstairs and asked the workers if she could take one piece and brought it to her studio in La Courneuve.
It took her a while to find out how she could tackle this new material, until she noticed its main interest: Corrosion. Playing with acrylic paintings around traces of time or throwing out citric acid on smooth surfaces to create reliefs soon became her new way to express herself.

Marie has been using zinc in her work for a couple of years now and keeps looking for pieces where she can reveal inspiring themes such as trees and water landscapes.

She usually works big sizes or triptych but recently expressed herself on smaller ones. I am happy to offer you a preview of her artworks on Murs Blancs’ Facebook account here.

She will be exhibiting them on the 24, 25 and 26th of March in Paris, so don’t hesitate to stop by!
Here is the address: 119 rue du Cherche-Midi 75006.

Marie – Ciel et Abime – 20x20cm

Marie – Arbre Nacré – 20x20cm

Marie – Le rayon Blanc – 21,5x20cm






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