The concept

of art hunting

Murs Blancs unlocks your access to the confidential world of French Art, where knowns and  up and coming artists create fabulous and unseen pieces of art. We curate these treasures for you and simplify your access to the artwork of your dreams.

How does it works ?

1. We have a chat to discuss your tastes, wishes and budget. We’ll guide you if you don’t have something precise in mind.

2. We then do an artistic exploration and curate artwork you, or your clients, are most likely to fall for amongst a selection of artists that match your tastes.

3. We get together again for you to discover photos and artist’s stories behind each art piece.

4. If you have a crush for one of the art pieces we showed you and wish to see it before taking your decision, or showing it to your clients, we can organize a visit at the artist’ studio.

An artistic exploration ?

We constantly travel across France to curate talented artists and art craftsmen who are not necessarily visible on internet. we go from studio to studio, enter art schools, attend exhibitions and walk down art fairs to handpick the best artworks.

Which artworks ?

Paintings, sculptures, plastic works, Photographies, drawings, etchings and exceptional hand crafted pieces.

Which prices ?

From 150 € for hand crafted pieces and up to 8 000 € for artworks  (except special order)

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