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Art hunter, we curate artworks and craft pieces that match our clients’ interior projects. Our mission is to complete the story of a place, to offer an emotional and lasting added value to the real estate of our clients. We are at your side, from the acquisition of the artworks to their delivery.

Art Procurement

We are looking for fine artworks & craft pieces that match your projects in harmony with the requirements of your customers, your places or your brands.

We adapt to your request and provide you with tailor-made solutions to achieve a turnkey artistic project.

Which artworks and at which price ?

Paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs, engravings and lithography, exceptional craft pieces (made from earth, wood, paper, glass and textiles).

We start from your budget to offer you a set of artworks adapted to your interior projects. Prices start at 250 € for craft pieces  and go up to 8,000 € for artwork (except for special orders).

Local sourcing

If your customers prefer to acquire the artworks of local artists and craftsmen, we will directly seek and select the pieces created in requested country or region.

Artworks commission

The artists with whom we work are able to answer specific demand, and create artworks In Situ. We help you building an artistic briefing, select the perfect artists,  and do the follow up until the requested artworks are created and delivered.


We organize exhibitions and design private and public spaces (hotels, showrooms, real estate agencies, etc.)

Our expertise is to combine artworks and craft pieces to bring singularity and authenticity to your places.

Our Collection

If you wish to incorporate a piece or two into your projects, our collection is for you! Discover hundreds of artworks and craft pieces available for sale. We are at your disposal to provide delivery quotes.


Murs Blancs I Gilles & Boissier
Murs Blancs & Adeline Hémonnot
Murs Blancs I Caron & Associés
Murs Blancs & Joa interior
Murs Blancs & Atelier Petit toit
SKPAD and Murs Blancs
HOtel le Bellevue - VIllerville
Baptiste Legué and Murs Blancs

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