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Marie Claire & Murs Blancs
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IDEAT & Murs Blancs
BFM & Murs Blancs

Before they talked about us, Elle Décoration, marie-claire, IDEAT and BFM TV offered us a great visibility.


  • For our wedding present, we wanted to find some artworks that would help us go through life... 3 years later, we hadn't had the chance to look for them seriously... Hopefully we got in touch with Alexia who quickly understood our tastes and suggested us a large selection of artworks. The most difficult thing was to choose ! Today we have the great pleasure to wake up every morning beside one our choices.

    Anne-Luce & Valentin
    Anne-Luce & Valentin Paris
  • For my wife's birthday, I wanted to buy her an artwork. But I didn't know really where to go and how to find it. Then one day, my wife came home and mentioned her meeting with Alexia and the job she was doing. What a coincidence ! Thanks to her art hunting services, we met lovely artists and lived a unique experience. Above all, she found the perfect original artwork for my wife !

    Benjamin Asnières-sur-Seine
  • We wanted a painting for a while but never got the time to look for it. Thanks to Alexia, we found the perfect artwork we always wanted. She succeeded in understanding our tastes and found us targeted artists we could fall for. Contact with her was easy and we could feel how passionate she was about her job !

    Cécile & Benjamin
    Cécile & Benjamin Paris
  • This year, my mother was pleased with her birthday present - a painting I  found on Murs Blancs' Instagram!

    Isabelle Meudon
  • We wanted to purchase our first painting for a year. However, we where missing experience and time...We have two small children and are both travelling a lot for our jobs. This was becoming very frustrating. We got in touch with Alexia thanks to friends. She managed to come to our place at the only time slot we had available in order to go through our artistic tastes. A month later, she had a list of different artists ready for us to discover. We chose two artworks and got the opportunity to meet the artists at their studios. This is how we felt for one painting in particular and decided to bring it home ! Above the discoveries she made us do, Alexia was also very supportive in each steps (choice of the painting, meetings with the artists...) for our dream to become true.

    Marie-Stéphanie & Maximo
    Marie-Stéphanie & Maximo Paris
  • I wanted to buy a painting for a long time. Because of several bad experiences in Galleries and the fact that I was afraid of doing a bad deal, I decided to request Alexia's help. After a first meeting where you get to find out how good she is at listening, Alexia came back to me with photos of artworks. One artist got all my attention and I felt for one of his artworks. I was fully pleased with the experience Alexia offered me and already think about buying a new painting...

    Pierre Asnières sur Seine

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