The founder

I’ve always been passionate about 2 things: Archaeology and the artistic world.

At 12, my neighbor told me there was nothing else to discover on the planet. So I took painting lessons… and finally ended up studying sales!​ The company of artists shall be my connections to discovery and art.

20 years later, I felt like buying a large painting. This time, I wanted to step out of my confort zone and experience new artists.

I selected art fairs and galleries to go to. As you can imagine, I hardly made half of my list. It was simply too time consuming and the artists where scatted all over different locations which made it practically impossible for me to conduct comprehensive research without doing it as a full time job or without incurring high costs.

I thought attending auctions was an amazing experience. But again, you often needed to be available outside of office hours. As Internet seemed to be THE solution, I was just drowning in the large amount of choices without being able to overcome analysis paralysis.

One day I met an artist I knew, and got invited to her studio. We went through all of her work and suddenly, among old pieces, I found the treasure I was looking for! Never believe your neighbour…

Since then, I studied art history and had the chance to meet a lot of professionals from the art market whom I can now rely on. I visit a lot of artist’ studios and curate with passion their artworks. My only goal now is to help you discover the artworks you’ve always searched for!

Alexia Rigault

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