Let art speak

for your company

Why introducing art at work ?

Art is an original way of expressing your company’s unique values. There are as many ways of expression as there are artists.

Imagine how powerful it can be if you get to find the artists who convey the same message you wish to send as a company!

It will allow your company to :

Draw attention to its uniqueness and communicate  its values to customers and employees
Stimulate creativity of all staff
Provide a Stimulating working environment for your employees

The French touch

Murs Blancs is specialized in finding the artworks of French living artists. Being in constant contact with them allows us to witness the variety and wealth of the artistic approach and the quality of resulting artworks. This is also our way to promote and support the artists who works in France !


Tax deduction

It concerns all companies and liberal professions (SA, SARL, or EURL) subjected to corporate and income taxes (BIC or BNC).

Companies buying an original artwork from a living artist can add this acquisition to their fixed assets accounts. The artworks can then be amortized over a period of 5 years, as long as it doesn’t exceed 0,5‰ of the turnover.

In return, the company needs to :
– Expose the artworks in a public area during 5 years (waiting room, entrance hall, meeting room….)
– Add the artworks to a fixed assets account,
– Write the deducted amounts into a special reserve account listed under the liability side.

To have more details (in french), click here

Our offer

Depending on the space you have and the budget you are willing to allocate, we shall be able to give you a first idea of what is possible!


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