Stolen moments from Ségolène

Ségolène – Lifestyle in NY City – 92x65cm

Bansky, currently one of the most famous Street artist, defines his art as “a multiform art created in public spaces or in the streets”.

Even if Ségolène’s paintings are made on canvas, everything in her work makes me think of Street art – from her groundwork until the final result. Let me tell you a bit more about it…

Ségolène – un jour j’irai à new-york – 2x55x46cm

Ségolène regularly walks across cities and seasides with her camera, looking for surprising and original situations. She also likes to take pictures with a different angle, especially if this one can disturb a little. After all, why not include a pole or a traffic light on the pic ?

Once taken, the photos are carefully chosen. She then naturally takes place behind the easel and starts painting what she sees.

When looking at her artworks, we get this feeling of a perfect balance and a beautiful mastery of light. The studies she made in graphic arts are probably allowing it to happened. However, I think it is also the results of her singularity, someone clearly sensitive endowed with an original vision of the world.

Depending on the subjects, she sometimes starts by painting the background, the environment. Then comes along the characters, with a touch of transparency. So don’t be surprised if you get the impression they are flying or disappearing into the scenery !

ségolène – Louboutin – 89x116cm

Another of her characteristics you may have noticed, is the way she paints people : mostly on the side or from the back.

That allows a certain distance, even a kind of modesty towards them. But it also offers us the possibility to enter their privacy. We are spectators of a thought, a mouvement, a stolen moment.

To me, Ségolène’s paintings are fundamentally human, graphic and compelling. A bit of what I feel about Street art.

I leave it to you to appreciate every situation !

Ségolène – free – 89x116cm

Ségolène – l’air de rien – 46x55cm

Ségolène – kiss me – 2x46x55cm

Ségolène – Star wars – 86x116cm






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