Gopal wonders…

Gopal is a discrete and humble artist. His relation with art seems very natural and healthy. He is painting today, but would he still want to do it tomorrow? Talking about his paintings is not [...]

Color journeys

The act of painting is seen by many artists as a pure need. Annick always felt the same way about it. My experience visiting her started by the use of her shower. I heard about Annick’s [...]

Stolen moments from Ségolène

Bansky, currently one of the most famous Street artist, defines his art as “a multiform art created in public spaces or in the streets”. Even if Ségolène’s paintings are made on [...]

Angèle and her scalpels

Her drawings are as beautiful as her name. Angèle already knows perfectly how to use pencils and – thanks to it – brings to life many imaginary landscapes, shores and rock faults. [...]